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Effective donor engagement is critical in fundraising. It builds trust, strengthens relationships, and fosters ongoing support, ultimately leading to sustainable fundraising success.

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Donor Engagement Software

Engagement Tools

Donor engagement tools for an immersive experience.

  • Outgiven automates all aspects of email communication with your donors. Email analytics are included so that you can measure the engagement of your initiatives.
  • Unlimited donor updates using rich text and images, and those updates are provided to relevant donors both through email and through online access.
  • Gift sponsorships allow for meaningful giving opportunities.
  • Moderated video and written messages with AI assisted automated translation capabilities.
  • Lightning Sponsorships are great for live events, and allow you to capture donor's attention in the moment.

Donor Engagement

Features Overview

Automated emails and tracking

Outgiven sends branded email templates to your donors on your behalf. Email engagement tools give you insight into campaign effectiveness.

Easy Updates

Send updates to any segment of your sponsorship donor base, whether by program, grade, or individual beneficiary.

Sponsorships, redefined

Configurability to handle any scenario. Engage your donors in an immersive and relational recurring giving opportunity through our feature rich sponsorship management platform.

Fundraising Campaigns

Giving opportunities through Initiatives and Occasions. Back to school drives, building projects, or automatically generated Birthday Occasions.

Moderated Messaging

Written or video messaging between sponsors and beneficiaries, with OpenAI powered automated translation capabilities.

Donor Managment

Manager your donor base with ease, including offline donors and sponsorships. Donors can create accounts through the system, or you can create the account on their behalf and track offline sponsorships and other important details.

Donor profiles

Donors can login to their personal profile page to manage all aspects of their account, view updates, and interact with sponsorships.

Lightning Sponsorships

Capture the moment at live events to complete a sponsorship in under two minutes. QR codes, printable brochures, and lightning quick sponsorship forms.

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We're a nonprofit, and we get it. Fundraising and donor engagement can be challenging, but you shouldn't have to do it alone. When you partner with Outgiven, you are in the care of software industry experts with years of experience building enterprise systems. Your partnership is also fueling important work to bring technology accessibility and education to the underserved, and that's something that anyone can get behind. We'd love the opportunity to connect with you more, so please reach out!

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