Power of a one time donation

A recurring giving strategy in fundraising is essential for long-term sustainability. It provides a steady stream of support, allowing organizations to plan and execute their initiatives with confidence. Recurring donors often become deeply engaged with the cause, forging lasting relationships with the organization.

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General giving fundraising software

General Giving Forms.

Capture the moment and engage your donors in an inuitive and fast giving experience.

  • Simple payment integration. Accept all major credit cards and ACH payments. We even provide tools for monitoring and managing failed payments.
  • Outgiven provides an entire suite of reporting and engagement tools to monitor your recurring giving program and efficiently engage with your donors.
  • Email automation for transaction receipts and donor recognition.
  • Allow donors the option to cover transaction fees.

General Giving

Features Overview

No Limits

Unlimited donations, donors, administrators, beneficiaries, and campaigns. No limits.

Robust Reporting

Intuitive reports for donor management, sponsorship management, auditing, and accounting purposes.

Simple Payments

Securely link your bank account in less than five minutes through Aprann Pay, powered by Stripe.

Automated emails and tracking

Outgiven sends branded email templates to your donors on your behalf. Email engagement tools give you insight into campaign effectiveness.

Donor Managment

Manager your donor base with ease, including offline donors and sponsorships.

Fundraising Campaigns

Giving opportunities through Initiatives and Occasions. Back to school drives, building projects, or automatically generated Birthday Occasions.

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We're a nonprofit, and we get it. Fundraising and donor engagement can be challenging, but you shouldn't have to do it alone. When you partner with Outgiven, you are in the care of software industry experts with years of experience building enterprise systems. Your partnership is also fueling important work to bring technology accessibility and education to the underserved, and that's something that anyone can get behind. We'd love the opportunity to connect with you more, so please reach out!

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