Why Sponsorships?

Is your nonprofit utilizing sponsorships as a mechanism for engaging donors in generous recurring giving? If not, you might be missing a huge opportunity. Sponsorships are a powerful tool for connecting donors to your mission in a meaningful and personal way. Whether it's for a person, a group, an ongoing initiative, or a program, sponsorships relationally connect donors to your mission in a very compelling way.

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sponsorship management software

Sponsorships, redefined.

Flexible configuration for maximum engagement and impact.

  • Use as many different sponsorship types as you want. Child sponsorships, student sponsorships, missionary sponsorship, staff, classroom, team, or program/initiative sponsorships. Whatever it is, Outgiven can handle it.
  • One to one sponsorships, or many to one sponsorships, you decide what works best for your situation.
  • Your organization and it's programs evolve over time. Outgiven is designed to grow with you. Sponsorship pricing and configuration can easily be updated over time with no disruption to your donor base.
  • Unlimited everything. Sponsorship types, profiles, donors, administrators... no caps, ever!

Endless Possibilities.

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Sponsorships for every scenario. Ultimate flexibility and configuration for your use case and needs. Check out a few examples, and then imagine the possibilities for your organization.

Sponsorship Management Platform

Features Overview

Sponsorships, redefined

Configurability to handle any scenario. Engage your donors in an immersive and relational recurring giving opportunity through our feature rich sponsorship management platform.

Identity Mask®

Child safety is a guiding principle. Profile masking technology protects children and sensitive populations. Sponsoring unlocks the profile.

Moderated Messaging

Written or video messaging between sponsors and beneficiaries, with OpenAI powered automated translation capabilities.

Lightning Sponsorships

Capture the moment at live events to complete a sponsorship in under two minutes. QR codes, printable brochures, and lightning quick sponsorship forms.

Easy Updates

Send updates to any segment of your sponsorship donor base, whether by program, grade, or individual beneficiary.

Robust Reporting

Intuitive reports for donor management, sponsorship management, auditing, and accounting purposes.

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We're a nonprofit, and we get it. Fundraising and donor engagement can be challenging, but you shouldn't have to do it alone. When you partner with Outgiven, you are in the care of software industry experts with years of experience building enterprise systems. Your partnership is also fueling important work to bring technology accessibility and education to the underserved, and that's something that anyone can get behind. We'd love the opportunity to connect with you more, so please reach out!

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