Managing Relationships

Outgivens's robust donor management capabilities facilitate precise tracking and engagement with donors, enabling you to gain insights into donor behavior and preferences for personalized outreach. This empowers more efficient communication, enhanced donor relationship management, and improved overall fundraising performance.

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donor management software

Donor Management

Outgiven's donor management interface allows you to efficiently support and manage your sponsorship donor base.

  • View and edit detailed information about each donor
  • Manually add managed donors and assign sponsorships for those that pay by check or through other means.
  • Add notes and comments to donor profiles so that you can track interactions over time
  • View email interactions, including listing of emails sent, opened, and clicked.
  • Manage all sponsorships, with ability to update sponsorships and payment methods on behalf of the donor.
  • View transactions, and refund specific payments if the need arises.

Donor Management

Features Overview

Donor Managment

Manager your donor base with ease, including offline donors and sponsorships.

Automated emails and tracking

Outgiven sends branded email templates to your donors on your behalf. Email engagement tools give you insight into campaign effectiveness.

Easy Updates

Send updates to any segment of your sponsorship donor base, whether by program, grade, or individual beneficiary.

Robust Reporting

Intuitive reports for donor management, sponsorship management, auditing, and accounting purposes.

Simple Payments

Securely link your bank account in less than five minutes through Aprann Pay, powered by Stripe.

Moderated Messaging

Written or video messaging between sponsors and beneficiaries, with OpenAI powered automated translation capabilities.

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