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Equipping nonprofits to thrive in their unique areas of outreach and expertise through advanced relational fundraising and sponsorship management technology.

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You're a nonprofit. We're a nonprofit. Our goal is partnership, so let's do this together. We partner with nonprofit organizations and provide them with world class fundraising and sponsorship management tools in order to help them reach full potential.

  • Best in class cloud based donation and sponsorship software platform. FREE for nonprofits.
  • Secure integrated payment gateway for worry free donation collection and payouts.
  • Giving campaigns, general donation forms, and recurring giving features. Embed directly in your website or use standalone.
  • Manage sponsorships of any kind (child sponsorships, student sponsorships, classroom, team, staff, project, etc). If you're not utilizing sponsorships, find out why you're missing out!
  • Data security and child privacy protection are priority one.
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The Outgiven Sponsorship Platform

Ultimate flexibility

Configurability to support your unique use case, whatever it might be.

Recurring giving. One time donations. Campaigns. Child sponsorships, student sponorships, staff sponsorships, and more. You can even do sponsorships of teams, programs, or ongoing initiatives. Set up any number of sponsorship types, with any dollar amount, and any number of sponsors per profile. We take care of all aspects of tracking, payment routing, failed payment follow up, emailing, and detailed reporting.

Child sponsorship configurability options

Privacy protection first.

Online privacy protection and data security as a guiding principal

Modern best practice requires that the personal identifiable information associate with minors be protected online. We encourage that sponsorship profiles associated with children be restricted with Outgiven's Identity Mask® technology. Identity Mask® makes this process pain free by automatically blurring pictures and masking identifiable information such as child images, names, birth dates, and more. Sponsorship unlocks the profile and provides individual sponsors with access to unmasked info.

Child profile privacy protection

Simple payment integration.

Link your account in minutes, then collect payouts on cruise control.

Outgiven provides a state of the art, secure, and PCI compliant payment interface via its partnership with Stripe. We handle all aspects of payments, recurring donations, failed payment followup, and weekly payouts directly to your bank account.

Sponsorhip payment integration and payout

Right tools. Right time.

Engage your donors in the moment, whether that's live events, email campaigns, or casual browsing.

Donors approach giving in different ways. Your goal is to effectively engage them where they are at. Outgiven provides the right tools to get the job done. Giving campaigns, Lightning Sponsorships, Gift Sponsorships, and Occasions give you various options to share your story and connect your network with the amazing work you are doing. Learn more by checking out Outgiven's features.

Sponsorship gifting

Changing the world, together.

We walk in your shoes every day, and we can help each other.

Outgiven is a labor of love from Aprann, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We also do a lot of other neat things, like provisioning computer labs and bringing computer science education resources to schools in Haiti. When you partner with us, your funds are not only providing you with a best in class sponsorship platform, but you are also supporting nonprofit initiatives in technology enablement for the underserved.

Nonprofit partnerships

Sponsorship Platform

Features Overview

Sponsorships, redefined

Configurability to handle any scenario. Engage your donors in an immersive and relational recurring giving opportunity through our feature rich sponsorship management platform.

Fundraising Campaigns

Giving opportunities through Initiatives and Occasions. Back to school drives, building projects, or automatically generated Birthday Occasions.

Simple Payments

Securely link your bank account in less than five minutes through Aprann Pay, powered by Stripe.

Identity Mask®

Child safety is a guiding principle. Profile masking technology protects children and sensitive populations. Sponsoring unlocks the profile.

Moderated Messaging

Written or video messaging between sponsors and beneficiaries, with OpenAI powered automated translation capabilities.

Lightning Sponsorships

Capture the moment at live events to complete a sponsorship in under two minutes. QR codes, printable brochures, and lightning quick sponsorship forms.

Easy Updates

Send updates to any segment of your sponsorship donor base, whether by program, grade, or individual beneficiary.

Robust Reporting

Intuitive reports for donor management, sponsorship management, auditing, and accounting purposes.

Managed roles and permissions

Unlimited administrators. Delegate responsibilities across your organization, and limit access to just the functions necessary.

Gift Sponsorships

The meaningful gift of sponsorship that keeps on giving. Easy to purchase and fun to receive!

Donor Managment

Manager your donor base with ease, including offline donors and sponsorships.

Automated emails and tracking

Outgiven sends branded email templates to your donors on your behalf. Email engagement tools give you insight into campaign effectiveness.

Integrate and Embed

Use the Outgiven API and Zapier triggers to automate your workflows. Integrate your sponsorship directory, gift sponsorships, and Lightning sponsorships directly into your existing website using Embedded Components.

No Limits

Unlimited donations, donors, administrators, beneficiaries, and campaigns. No limits.

Explore more features!

Maximize your Reach

Relational Fundraising

Each person has a story, and every story matters. We sincerely believe that immersing your donor network in the individual stories of those that you serve is a vital way to invite them into the collective mission of your organization, and to engage them in generous relational giving. Whether it's children, students, teachers, classrooms, or anything else, Outgiven will help you sponsor above and beyond!

Sponsorship Management Software Devices


From Our Partners

Megan Boudreaux
Respire Haiti

Thanks to Aprann's innovative and ethical software, we are able to focus on gaining more monthly student sponsors while simultaneously protecting our students' privacy, allowing us to share our mission in a safe way for all.

Shiffy Varkey
Impact Hope

Outgiven's user-friendly interface has truly enhanced our mission of fostering education and hope. What sets Outgiven apart is not only its exceptional platform but also its friendly and readily reachable support team. Thanks to Outgiven, we're able to make a significant impact in the lives of these children, and we're grateful for their unwavering support in our journey towards a brighter future.

Abhijit Nayak
Step International

Outgiven has allowed us to accelerate the growth of our programs and expansion of our mission. The ease of management and the amazing donor interaction tools optimize our time and engage our supporters like never before.


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